We have some great speakers this year and we want to thank them for their time and support.  Please check back for the speaker's series schedule.


Aubrey Millard - Living the Dream - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 11:00 AM - Details below

Craig Hamilton - Boaterskills.ca - Saturday - 1:00 PM

Greg Marlo - Yacht Solutions -Planning a Yacht Charter Vacation – Power or Sail - Saturday - 3:00 PM, Sunday - 3:00 PM

Aubrey Millard

Friday, August 25, 11:00 -  Living the Dream Part 1 - From the Great Lakes to Northern Europe, Rivers of France to the Med and Black Sea, including the Russian Black Sea Fleet Review in Crimea.

This presentation covers our departure from Toronto down the Mississippi, across the Atlantic to London and around the UK via the Scandinavian countries. Then it takes us through the rivers and canals of France  to Paris and down to the Mediterranean. In the Mediterranean we go to the Balearic Islands, Tunisia, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. We talk about the East Mediterranean Yacht Rally which went from Istanbul to Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. After circumnavigating much of the Black Sea, visiting Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine including Crimea and the Russian Black Sea Fleet Review, we returned to Rome and exited the Mediterranean through the picturesque Canal du Midi coming out at Bordeaux before we sailed down to the Cape Verde Islands and across to Antigua in the Caribbean.

Saturday, August 26, 11:00 Living the Dream Part 3 - The Eastern Seaboard from Newfoundland to the Yucatan.

Covers our trip from Toronto through the St. Lawrence River through Quebec and Newfoundland, down the Maritime provinces and the New England states through New York City. From there we go down the Intra Coastal Waterway, North and South Carolina and Florida Keys to the Dry Tortugas beyond Key West. Dramatic pictures of this voyage will be shown, including weathering out Hurricane Irene in Massachusetts, old Quebec City, Newfoundland outports, whales in the Bay of Fundy, New York City, the navy base at Norfolk VA, the Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas west of Key West.

Sunday August 27, 11:00 - Living the Dream Part 7 - North to Alaska.

This covers First Nations in Alert Bay, a loggers festival in Port McNeill on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, and the long narrow northern inlets of B.C., including Bella Bella and other remote native communities, Fjordland and its glaciers, abandoned fish canneries, and the favoured route of cruise ships going up the Inland Passage to Alaska. In Alaska we visit several communities from Ketchikan to Juneau and then have many dramatic pictures of Glacier Bay, where we walked on and anchored beneath several glaciers.


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